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Jay, NY 12941

May 24, 2015
Welcome to Ward Lumber Homes
Ward Lumber has been a trusted name in the building supply industry for over 115 years. This 4th generation owned business is now offering a pre-fabricated home building alternative to traditional stick-built construction. Whether you are a contractor looking to build more homes this year, or a person wanting to build equity by doing some work yourself, you’ll appreciate all of the benefits that pre-fabricated construction has to offer.

“Prefabrication” is a panelization process which means that we do as much of the construction as possible in a controlled environment at our manufacturing facility. Construction in a controlled environment means there are fewer weather elements to deal with, resulting in high quality homes. Time and money are saved by controlling costs of both materials and labor.

Know your profit before you start a house.  Your costs are fixed and jobs more profit-able because there is less overhead because the cost of your skilled labor is reduced.

We can help builders increase the number of homes built annually, and stabilize or increase your workforce with less risk.  We area offering a service with a goal of increasing home construction in our region. Let’s work together on your next house!
A shell package consists of interior and exterior walls through rafters or trusses resulting in a high quality home. Put walls up in a couple of days, and enjoy the benefits of being inside to do your finish work regardless of weather conditions. Weather doesn’t slow us down so you or your crew can build any time of year. Let us pre-fabricate as much or as little as your home calls for.
- Profits
- Equity
- Volume
- Options
Whether we use our house plans, yours or your customer’s, we build to your specifications!

Know your equity before you start your home.  We cut down the amount of time to complete your home, so you pay less labor, construction interest, etc.

You can make every decision in the building process.  Our plans or yours. We can build as little or as much as you need, including a complete, custom home.  Ask about our famous Adirondack interior trim package!
Just some of the Benefits...

Cost:  Ward Lumber Homes uses a framing and design shop to minimize labor costs, which we pass along to our customers.

Quality:  Ward Lumber Homes builds homes using only quality building materials supplied by Ward Lumber. We use only premium quality name brand building materials in the construction of your home including higher quality lumber that is straighter and truer.  Your home will be solid , energy-efficient and built to withstand the rigors of transportation to your building site.

Time:  Typically, from the day you place an order for a home, it will be delivered to your site in 2 to 4 weeks.  If Ward Lumber Homes is to complete your weather tight shell, you can expect approximately 4 to 6 more weeks to complete. The foundation can be completed as the house is being built in the manufacturing facility. Compare that to site built construction in which new construction can take 8 months or more. You also save on construction interest due to speed of completion.

Efficiency:  Starting with indoor assembly, work is rarely delayed by weather, no show workmen, or missing materials. Waste in labor or materials is also minimized.

New Technologies:  Computer assisted architectural plan services allow you to easily customize floor plans and produce drawings. Each house plan includes floor plans, trusses, elevations, finished details and an engineer stamp.

Service:  You’ll appreciate the level of service that we provide.  From helping you choose the right home plan and materials selection to home delivery, we are with you. You’ll also appreciate the high level of communication and accessibility of our team, as we are in the manufacturing facility and not at a job site every day.
There are no Hidden Costs.  We Deliver as promised, on budget.